Nationwide Drop by mortgage Price war

Net lending Price of Mortgage drops by a third and mutual expects competition to remain intense from now on wards.

Fierce competition in the mortgage market has hit Nationwide’s net lending  Price and the Reason It has been dropped by a third and The Chief Executive of the commitee says that It has to be remain Intense from now. Nationwide gives the statement about the Mortgage Lending Price during the six months and said that It has been fell from £6bn to £3.9bn in the same period of time.

Nationwide Drop by mortgage Price war

Nationwide Drop by mortgage Price war
The UK’s largest building society said that The fall in net lending Price reflected the reduction in buy to let mortgages following punitive tax changes, and increased mortgage redemptions due to competition in the market and better rates on offers to the customers.

Although Apart from this The mortgage volumes remain strong and We are prepared for the possibility that intense competition combined with declining consumer confidence may lead to a moderation in gross lending and market share in the second half of the year and with the Change in the Market condition and growth of the Mortgage will be checked.

Challenger banks such as TSB and Virgin Money have been competing in the market as they seek to gain scale, while high street lenders including Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC have been targeting mortgage growth to earn returns on their excess deposits So, All These are depend on Mortgage and their Values to earn Maximize Growth for excess.

A wave of new digital only banks such as Atom have also entered the fray and are seeking to expand in mortgages, helping to add downward pressure on rates to add them with great extent. Nationwide’s warning comes after Virgin Money and said its profit margin would go down next year as a result of intense competition in the mortgage sector. Jayne-Anne Gadhia The chief executive, said it would not lend as much as it forecast in order to preserve margins. 

Nationwide said it gained more customers looking to move banks than all of the major banks combined. The building society said it is opened 427,000 accounts in the period, an increase of 13 percent. However, overall deposit balances grew up more slowly as Compared to last year but still increasing by £1.8bn compared with £4.7bn.The  Low interest rates have had an impact, weighing on lenders’ profit margins and the amount they pay out to savers. Despite the Bank of England’s recent interest rate rise, savings rates remain at low levels.

Mr Garner said: We know that exceptionally low interest rates have placed a strain on savers . Our average savings rates in the period were approximately 50 per cent higher than the average market rate. 

The chief has invested in Nationwide’s digital services since his arrival last year, ahead of regulation at the start of next year, called Open Banking, which is expected to increase competition in the current account market. Nationwide was exploring “how we can use Open Banking to provide a better sales and service experience for members”, he added.

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